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Alice Chen

Life + Leadership Coach

I work with the dreamers and doers of the world, the people who are feeling the call and the complexity of wanting something more. I help you quickly and efficiently get clear on who you are and what you want. I help you look at all of the pieces of your life that are swirling about in the chaos cloud above you – your career, relationships, health, finances, personal mission etc. – and together, we build a plan that integrates all that you are into a life that you love. I then walk side by side with you as you create your life, supporting you to build key habits and skills, championing your progress, thought-partnering with you on unanticipated challenges, and helping you build the confidence you need to carry on designing your life long after our time together has come to a close.

style + philosophy

Resume and technical qualifications aside, an avid traveler, student of life, and self-experimenter has been instrumental in unleashing my power as a coach. I don’t ask my clients to do anything that I’m not willing to do and actively doing in my life. I am a coach because I have personally witnessed and experienced the power of transforming myself and consciously designing and living into a life of my choosing, and I live, lead, and coach from this place of deep conviction each day.

My purpose on the planet is to support others in living more fully into theirs. I am motivated by helping to make the world a more just and equitable place, and so my goal is to make a difference by supporting those around me to find their voice, know, honor, and embrace their individual uniqueness, while linking arms with others to connect, collaborate, and communicate in ways that heal.

As a multiracial woman of color, I am sensitive to some of the unique challenges that people of color face in designing and living a life that they love and am particularly passionate about helping others like myself build the clarity, confidence, and skills they need to offer their incredible wisdom and gifts to the world.

experience & professional affiliations

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Wellesley College with a B.A. in history and a minor in geology.  I have a Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.  I’ve received formal coach training through the Hawai’i Wellness Institute and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and am accredited through the International Coaching Federation.  I’m a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Immunity to Change facilitator, holistic wellness counselor, and yoga teacher. I have ten years of coaching experience under my belt working with educators, non-profit and for profit leaders, children and adults of all shapes, sizes and personalities.

In addition to my work with Wellspace, I am also currently the Managing Director of Values Based Leadership Development at Teach for America Bay Area where I operate as an executive coach, strategist and leadership development facilitator.

what you really want to know…

I started my career as an elementary school teacher and tried on various professional hats over the years in order to find my purpose.  I’ve done research, started businesses, run art galleries, written grants, painted murals, and stocked vitamins to name a few. On weekends, I can usually be found outside, in a boat, on a surfboard, or creating post-it note art in my apartment with my wonderful partner and my Bassador puppy, Nalu.

what my clients say

“Alice Chen is like the “help you figure it out” coach – whatever it is that you are struggling with or wanting to make movement on, whether it’s your relationship, your career, your around the world trip, your desire to change the world, she helps you create your own map to making it happen.  I was struggling to put words to what I really wanted…just had this sense that something was off and I wanted more.  Alice Chen helped me explore what I wanted and helped me look at all of the different options before me, then pick the one that I wanted.  Now, I’m living in a new place, with a job I love and a partner I adore, and I feel so powerful and in control of my life.  I am becoming someone I didn’t even know existed.”

-UC Berkeley Law Student

“Alice Chen gets people…really gets them.  I came to her for leadership and communications coaching.  As a brand new (and young manager), I was struggling to motivate and inspire my team.  Alice Chen helped me understand the difference between leadership and management and build the skills I needed to be able to understand and hear my people by first slowing down, understanding and hearing myself.  Together, we built a leadership map…who do I want to be as a leader and how am I going to build the skills I need to be that person every day.  In three months, my team of direct reports almost didn’t recognize me…in a good way.  Alice is an incredible listener; she also will call you on your bullshit, and I needed that.”

Nonprofit Leader, Teach for America

“Alice Chen helped me find my voice and my confidence.  I didn’t realize how much I had hidden them over the years.  As a result of our work together, I quit my job and am now starting a non-profit that’s aligned to my personal mission.  And I’m doing it while taking care of myself.  I feel so powerful and aligned!”

Former Tech Employee & Current Entrepreneur

“What I appreciate about Alice Chen is that she never approaches coaching with a “one size fits all” mentality. She not only recognizes, but values, the unique gifts of the individual. As a result, our coaching conversations and “next steps” always felt like they were directly aligned to MY strengths and MY areas of growth, not some cookie cutter approach.  It’s a breath of fresh air to work with someone who sees and believes in YOU and can support you in seeing and believing in yourself.”

–Ph.D Candidate, Columbia University

“Because of the work that I did with Alice Chen, my whole life is better.  I came to her to get help finding a job I loved because I was miserable and exhausted in my old job.  I left our time together with a great new job that is aligned with my purpose on the planet but more importantly, a deeper awareness of who I am and what matters to me and more confidence in my ability to create a life that I love and that is priceless.

-4th Grade Teacher

“As a woman of color, I worried about being coached by someone who might not understand key aspects of my identity, but when I worked with Alice Chen, so many of my fears fell away.  As a woman of color, Alice Chen understood and could relate to many of the unique challenges that I was experiencing as a result of identity.  She helped me put words to my experience and was able to add depth to my reflections because of her own personal experience.  At the same time, Alice never overstepped identifying with my challenges.  She is an incredible listener, so curious and so open and one of the most empathetic and inspirational people I’ve met.  Alice Chen helped me find my voice, my power, believe in myself and realize that I create my life and my experience always and that I don’t have to be at the whim of other people’s expectations.”

Educational Non-Profit Leader

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