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We are ready to help YOU, your family, your relationship, your overall well-being, whatever in your life that might need just a little extra attention. Read about our team below and find out which member is a best fit for you! Then contact us.

About Tara Griffith MFT MA

Tara Griffith, MA, MFT

Founder | Executive Director | Therapist + Coach

Hi, I’m Tara, and my job is to help people become the best version of themselves! I’m passionate about the work I do and believe in the power of positivity, connection, and change. I provide psychotherapy, life coaching, and bariatric coaching services.

style + philosophy

First and foremost, I believe that it’s the relationship between the therapist and client that creates the foundation for change. My style is accepting, hopeful, interactive, and humorous at times. I offer a highly personalized approach (blending psychotherapy and coaching techniques) tailored to fit each of my client’s unique needs, personality, and preferences. People aren’t one size fits all and therapy/coaching shouldn’t be either!

I also believe that you are the ultimate expert on your own life. It’s my job, however, to ask the right questions and act as your guide. I’ll help you identify your strengths and talents, develop self-awareness, and gain confidence where you need it. I’ll challenge you at times and provide feedback on the thoughts and behaviors that may be keeping you stuck.

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About Kristy Crandell - Nutrition Health Coach

Kristy Crandell

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Having developed a passion for health and wellness through my own battle with an autoimmune disease, I decided to take what I’ve learned in my personal journey and turn it into a fulfilling career as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

My intention is to be an ambassador for others who are faced with heath challenges and empower them to overcome these obstacles. Whether your goal is to manage your weight, increase your energy levels, improve digestion, fight an autoimmune disease, or simply develop preventative measures, I can offer the guidance, support, inspiration, and knowledge you need to achieve success.

style + philosophy

I’m a true believer that the body can heal itself and that sometimes we just have to get out of our own way! We must take a proactive role in getting healthy and staying healthy – I am passionate about helping others achieve that.

I take an integrative approach to my coaching, meaning we will take a look at not only what you put into your body nutritionally, but also what other hidden barriers could be preventing you from reaching your goals. Is your job less than inspiring? Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Are you lacking a meaningful spiritual practice? When you are lacking in any of these areas of your life you experience a hunger that cannot be satisfied by food alone. I will help you find a holistic balance that will infuse joy and satisfaction back into your life enabling you to break down barriers and regain your health and wellness.

I also believe in bio-individuality, meaning there is not one diet for all. We are all made individually and uniquely, and what might be ‘medicine’ to one person may be harmful to another. We must learn to listen to our bodies to find out what is right for us.

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About Lynsie Seely, PhDc, MFT - Assistant Director & Psychotherapist

Lynsie Seely, PhDc, MFT

Assistant Director | Psychotherapist

Hi, I’m Lynsie and it is my hope for you that you are thriving and feeling fulfilled in your life. As we each travel down our unique journeys, we all find ourselves facing various challenges, transitions, and stuck points along the way. During these times it can be valuable to have some support—especially if you happen to be feeling worn-down, not like yourself, or unsatisfied with the way things are going. I’m dedicated to providing you with a safe and caring space for self-exploration/learning and practical tools to empower you so that you can step into your full wellness and enjoy life as the vibrant person you are!

style + philosophy

My approach is empathic, collaborative, and holistic, utilizing practices from somatic and depth psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, and mindfulness. Working this way honors your whole experience and with practice allows for growth to occur on all levels: body, mind, and soul—maximizing your whole-body wellness.

Somatic Psychotherapy is a body-oriented way of working that encourages self- engagement to include the body and its natural processes. It honors that our minds and bodies are not separate but make up a whole from which we directly experience life. By increasing our awareness of our bodies, we can form a relationship with ourselves in a deeper way that opens up greater possibilities for growth, supports learning and change, and allows us to directly access our spark of aliveness.

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Gina About Gina DeLucca, PSYD - Licensed Psychologist

Gina Delucca, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

Hi, I’m Gina, and it is my pleasure to help you live the life you want for yourself. I am a licensed clinical psychologist with experience working with people facing a wide range of issues, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, grief, stress, work-life balance, low self-esteem, interpersonal issues, life transitions, personal growth/identity issues, and chronic medical conditions.

I am very passionate and devoted to my work and believe whole-heartedly in the value and benefits of psychotherapy. Therapy can be an excellent place for you to gain insight, express and process painful emotions, learn practical skills to handle life’s challenges, make positive changes in your life, and achieve personal growth. My approach to therapy is individualized and collaborative, and I offer both short-term and open-ended therapy.

style + philosophy

My therapeutic style is integrative and draws upon techniques from a variety of approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), solution-focused therapy, and person-centered therapy. I aim to tailor my approach in order to best meet your individual needs and preferences.

Above anything else, I believe that the connection between therapist and client is the most powerful tool for change and healing. Through the therapeutic relationship, I strive to provide a safe, compassionate, and accepting space where you can openly express yourself, process your thoughts and emotions, and explore the underlying issues that may be causing and maintaining your current struggles. As your therapist, I will help you identify realistic goals, encourage introspection, emphasize and build upon your strengths, and provide honest yet gentle feedback.

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About Sara Groton - Holistic Nutrition Consultant + Eating Psychology Coach

Sara Groton, NC

Holistic Nutrition Consultant + Eating Psychology Coach

After discovering that the root of my chronic digestive and immune system ailments, as well as my ongoing anxiety and depression, stemmed from a severe food intolerance, I became passionate about studying nutrition so that I could help others discover the root of their own health struggles – and overcome them! I believe that while nutrition is the foundation, overall health and happiness is incredibly holistic – the mind, body, heart and spirit are truly all connected. In order to truly heal, we need to find nourishment and balance in all areas of life.

style + philosophy

We are inundated every day with nutrition do’s and don’t, diets and supplements guaranteed to trim belly fat fast, and metabolism boosting tips and tricks that leave us right back where we started. We are taught that we have no willpower if we struggle with maintaining healthy eating habits. We struggle to be in control of our bodies and diets but instead feel like the food is controlling us. We are led to believe that our health problems are symptoms to be fixed or enemies to fight, rather than deeper messages that could help us grow.

I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. I don’t offer a quick fix to changing your body or your relationship with food, because you don’t need to be fixed! Your struggles with your body and with food do not stem from a lack of willpower or control. They are here to lead you to deeper truths about yourself that we will explore together. Through a lighthearted, compassionate, and realistic approach, I want to help you discover what your own body has been trying to tell you all along.

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May Bartlett CPCC - Life and Relationship Coach and Coaches

May Bartlett, CPCC

Life Coach/Envisionist

As a Coach and Envisionist, I will work with you to consciously design your vision for the future. We are faced with layers of challenges throughout a lifetime; personal, local, and global. Whatever challenges you currently face, it can be tempting to focus on the problem in hopes of solving it, but by doing so, you run the risk of taking yourself deeper into the problem and farther away from the solution. By consciously envisioning the future, we create something to work toward, instead of against. As Einstein said, “no problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Together we will work to elevate your level of consciousness to reveal the nuances behind the problems you face, informing creative solutions from a place of new knowledge. Through personal inquiry, guided visualizations, perspective work, creativity, and values-based exercises, I will help you tap into your deepest source of wisdom to guide you in creating a future aligned with your truest self.

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Sydni Hammer - Client Coordinator

Sydni Hammar

Client Coordinator

Hi, I’m Sydni, and I am here to guide you as you search for the right therapist or coach for your particular wellness journey.

I am a recent college graduate aspiring to be a therapist in practice. I care deeply for others and I am passionate about supporting people. It is my pleasure to be here for you – to answer any questions you may have, tell you about our various wellness practitioners, and learn a little about you in order to match you with the therapist, coach or nutritionist best suited for your needs.

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Allison Roman, FDN - Certified Herbalist and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

Allison Roman, FDN

Certified Herbalist + Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

style + philosophy
The world of wellness can be overwhelming and confusing to navigate. Every body is unique in how their body expresses imbalance and dis-ease. Drawing from various fields in holistic health to include nutrition, herbal medicine, functional lab testing, movement and meditation, I’ll meet you where you are and together we’ll customize a plan that feels accessible and attainable.

Whether you are dealing with digestive stress, skin issues, hormonal imbalances, auto-immune conditions or chronic symptoms with no resolve, I’ll offer the guidance, support and insight you need to uncover and conquer your health issues.

YOU are your greatest healer. YOUR body has the answers. Let’s get you reconnected to your body’s ability to heal and thrive.

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at Wellspace San Francisco

Veronica Encinas, AMFT

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Hi, I’m Veronica, and my passion and dedication to this work lies in the idea that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Everyone will experience some frictions or challenges at some point in their life and need support. I feel called to be an empathic guide to people during such times.

style + philosophy

I work somatically and relationally, meaning I hold that the mind and body are intrinsically connected. I welcome clients to tell their stories, histories, and important aspects of their life. I also invite them to become aware of how they feel as they are sharing with me by tuning into their bodies. I welcome them to become more conscious of their five senses–to tune into their body sensations, gestures, breath, emotions, etc. Together, overtime, we discover significant and often transformative information about core patterns, beliefs, and ways of relating to themselves, others, and the world.
Additionally, I am a passionate advocate for social justice and equality for all, which also informs my work and the ways in which I am called to support people.

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contact wellspace sf therapist Jamie Goldstein, PsyD Psychological Associate

Jamie Goldstein, PsyD

Psychological Associate

Hi, I’m Jamie, and I’m here to support you in discovering (or re-discovering) your voice and how you can carry it with you in living your best life! I am a passionate psychologist who believes strongly in the foundational pillars of connection, authenticity, and language within psychotherapy. Utilizing these powerful elements-of-change I have worked closely with a range of individuals who grapple with life difficulties including trauma & traumatic experiences, identity development related to race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religious/spiritual, etc., transitions of adolescence, transitions of early- and mid-adulthood, anxiety, depression, and sexuality.

style + philosophy

As mentioned, I believe there are three pillars to therapeutic success that drive a person’s movement towards healing. First is connection. Time and time again, research has proven the client-therapist relationship to be the most powerful element for success. How will you know if we are making a good connection? My aim is for you leave our sessions feeling seen and heard in the entirety of your humanness (good vibes, bad vibes, and everything in between). This leads to the second pillar of authenticity. As a psychologist, I strive to show up authentically in order to best support you in stepping into your most authentic self. Authenticity allows for safety, which in turn allows for deeper exploration and a fuller understanding of your past and present experiences. Last, but not least, is language. Language is the vessel that brings all of our internal experiences to life. The words we use to speak to ourselves and others can either help or hinder us. As your therapist I’ll help to increase your awareness of the language given to you that may be having a negative impact, and with gentle guidance, help you to uncover the language that encourages your authentic voice and translates smoothly into your daily life.

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therapist at wellspace sf Kim Strong

Kim Strong, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Hi, I’m Kim, and I am honored to be a catalyst to healing and change in your life. Everyone’s story is unique and challenging in it’s own way. I believe life is a journey of learning how to be your best self, and this is not always easy. You must be brave. Sometimes we need support in learning how to learn about ourselves. I believe therapy can be an effective tool for gaining insight into who you are now, who you want to become, and how to get there. I’ve worked with many young professionals to develop tools for when they are struggling to balance the challenges of the workforce while facing issues stemming from depression, anxiety, stress, previous trauma, and relationship issues. I also enjoying work with couples and older adults.

style + philosophy

My therapeutic approach is adaptable to each client or couple and influenced by evidence-based techniques drawn from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy, the Gottman method, trauma-focused therapy (including EMDR), and a holistic approach to health.You can count on direct and empathetic feedback, and I welcome yours, as well. I highly value psycho-educating my clients in order to heighten self-awareness and increase insight. I view your treatment plan like a road trip we are on together; I have the map and you are the driver. Together, we work to get you where you’d like to go with the goal being to improve your overall wellbeing.

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Kate Stoddard AMFT Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Kate Stoddard, AMFT

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Hi, I’m Kate. My purpose is to provide you with support, safety, and in-depth listening to help address whatever may be troubling you. Internal struggles can manifest physically, emotionally, and through behaviors that keep you feeling stuck or numb. I believe therapy is a way to know yourself better, and through connection and collaboration with a therapist, you can begin to gain insight, create meaning, and transform your unique suffering into your unique power.

style + philosophy
I believe you are the expert of your own life, and I also believe your true gifts, healing, and happiness can be unlocked through the process of therapy. My goal is to work collaboratively with you to hear your experiences, identify and understand your feelings, and then to develop insight and meaning that feels true to you. Out of nonjudgmental awareness comes a new relationship with yourself that is loving, that is freeing, and that allows you to pursue your truest desires.

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coach at wellspace sf jessica thomas

Jessica Thomas

Hi, I’m Jess, and my intention is to help you develop the qualities that already lie within you to allow you to be a stronger leader. Becoming a leader is all about cultivating a self, and an environment which invites people in, and inspires people to follow you. The heart of leadership is emotional intelligence – empathy, connection, navigating conflict, and somatic presence.

style + philosophy

I have an authentic and playful approach with my clients. Every leadership journey looks different – I like to gather everything I can about you to find the root of how to help you integrate into being a better person overall. You have strengths that have allowed you to come as far as you have. There will also be habits, ways of being, and ways you live in the world that can be shifted to allow you to be more awake.

We work on conflicts, practices, and situations that are alive in your field currently so you can have the tools to better steer your day-to-day interactions. Leadership coaching is just like practicing a new craft or sport – it takes repetition, and in the moment replays. The Enneagram allows us to understand our motivations, triggers, and leadership style. It also gives us insight on the people we work, and interact with, so I also teach you how to work and communicate better through understanding the perspective of others. This helps tremendously with navigating conflict, and difficult conversations.

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