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About Kristy Crandell - Health, Wellness, Nutrition Coaches

Kristy Crandell

Integrative Nutrition Health + Wellness Coach

Having developed a passion for health and wellness through my own battle with an autoimmune disease, I decided to take what I’ve learned in my personal journey and turn it into a fulfilling career as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

My intention is to be an ambassador for others who are faced with heath challenges and empower them to overcome these obstacles.  Whether your goal is to manage your weight, increase your energy levels, improve digestion, fight an autoimmune disease, or simply develop preventative measures, I can offer the guidance, support, inspiration, and knowledge you need to achieve success.

style + philosophy

I’m a true believer that the body can heal itself and that sometimes we just have to get out of our own way! We must take a proactive role in getting healthy and staying healthy – I am passionate about helping others achieve that.

I take an integrative approach to my coaching, meaning we will take a look at not only what you put into your body nutritionally, but also what other hidden barriers could be preventing you from reaching  your goals. Is your job less than inspiring? Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Are you lacking a meaningful spiritual practice? When you are lacking in any of these areas of your life you experience a hunger that cannot be satisfied by food alone. I will help you find a holistic balance that will infuse joy and satisfaction back into your life enabling you to break down barriers and regain your health and wellness.

I also believe in bio-individuality, meaning there is not one diet for all.  We are all made individually and uniquely, and what might be ‘medicine’ to one person may be harmful to another.  We must learn to listen to our bodies to find out what is right for us.

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About Sara Groton - Health, Wellness, Nutrition Coaches

Sara Groton

Holistic Nutrition Consultant + Eating Psychology Coach

After discovering that the root of my chronic digestive and immune system ailments, as well as my ongoing anxiety and depression, stemmed from a severe food intolerance, I became passionate about studying nutrition so that I could help others discover the root of their own health struggles – and overcome them! I believe that while nutrition is the foundation, overall health and happiness is incredibly holistic – the mind, body, heart and spirit are truly all connected. In order to truly heal, we need to find nourishment and balance in all areas of life.

style + philosophy

We are inundated every day with nutrition do’s and don’t, diets and supplements guaranteed to trim belly fat fast, and metabolism boosting tips and tricks that leave us right back where we started. We are taught that we have no willpower if we struggle with maintaining healthy eating habits. We struggle to be in control of our bodies and diets but instead feel like the food is controlling us. We are led to believe that our health problems are symptoms to be fixed or enemies to fight, rather than deeper messages that could help us grow.

I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. I don’t offer a quick fix to changing your body or your relationship with food, because you don’t need to be fixed! Your struggles with your body and with food do not stem from a lack of willpower or control. They are here to lead you to deeper truths about yourself that we will explore together. Through a lighthearted, compassionate, and realistic approach, I want to help you discover what your own body has been trying to tell you all along.

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Allison Roman, FDN - Certified Herbalist and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

Allison Roman, FDN

Certified Herbalist + Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

style + philosophy
The world of wellness can be overwhelming and confusing to navigate. Every body is unique in how their body expresses imbalance and dis-ease. Drawing from various fields in holistic health to include nutrition, herbal medicine, functional lab testing, movement and meditation, I’ll meet you where you are and together we’ll customize a plan that feels accessible and attainable.

Whether you are dealing with digestive stress, skin issues, hormonal imbalances, auto-immune conditions or chronic symptoms with no resolve, I’ll offer the guidance, support and insight you need to uncover and conquer your health issues.

YOU are your greatest healer. YOUR body has the answers. Let’s get you reconnected to your body’s ability to heal and thrive.
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