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Kristy Crandell

Integrative Nutrition Health + Wellness Coach

I’m a true believer that the body can heal itself and that sometimes we just have to get out of our own way! We must take a proactive role in getting healthy and staying healthy – I am passionate about helping others achieve that.

I take an integrative approach to my coaching, meaning we will take a look at not only what you put into your body nutritionally, but also what other hidden barriers could be preventing you from reaching your goals. Is your job less than inspiring? Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Are you lacking a meaningful spiritual practice? When you are lacking in any of these areas of your life you experience a hunger that cannot be satisfied by food alone. I will help you find a holistic balance that will infuse joy and satisfaction back into your life enabling you to break down barriers and regain your health and wellness.

I also believe in bio-individuality, meaning there is not one diet for all. We are all made individually and uniquely, and what might be ‘medicine’ to one person may be harmful to another. We must learn to listen to our bodies to find out what is right for us.

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Laurel Flagg, MScN at Wellspace San Francisco

Laurel Flagg, MScN

Functional Nutritionist + Health Coach

I take a holistic and whole food systems approach to help an individual realize their health potential under the philosophy that food is medicine. I aim to thoroughly understand the biological complexities of my client in my best effort to make a unique and individualistic plan catered to their specific health and wellness needs. Rather than focus on how we look from the outside in, my goal with any client is to help them gain insight into how they feel from the inside out in order to truly recognize how food and lifestyle habits either help or hinder their health.

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