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May Bartlett CPCC - Life and Relationship Coach and Coaches

May Bartlett, CPCC

Life Coach + Envisionist

As a Coach and Envisionist, I will work with you to consciously design your vision for the future. We are faced with layers of challenges throughout a lifetime; personal, local, and global. Whatever challenges you currently face, it can be tempting to focus on the problem in hopes of solving it, but by doing so, you run the risk of taking yourself deeper into the problem and farther away from the solution. By consciously envisioning the future, we create something to work toward, instead of against. As Einstein said, “no problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.” Together we will work to elevate your level of consciousness to reveal the nuances behind the problems you face, informing creative solutions from a place of new knowledge. Through personal inquiry, guided visualizations, perspective work, creativity, and values-based exercises, I will help you tap into your deepest source of wisdom to guide you in creating a future aligned with your truest self.

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Stacey Lisowski, IMC, SHRM-CP Executive and Leadership Coach at Wellspace San Francisco

Stacey Lisowski, IMC, SHRM-CP

Executive + Leadership Coach

As a coach who has spent time in corporate America, I recognize that there will always be a relationship between our professional and personal lives no matter how much we try to keep them separate! My approach is holistic so we can focus on all aspects of your life. Your professional goals and your personal goals might overlap and can be at odds with or at the expense of the other. Sometimes, the thing that might be holding you back or frustrating you in your career is an unseen habit that can also impact your personal life. My primary goal is to create a trusting space that facilitates ongoing vulnerability and growth so we can explore this
together. My practice is one of transparency, authenticity, warmth and levity, and I am able to meet you in the intensity of the change you’re desiring and experiencing.

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Lindsay Leopold, PCC Certified Professional Coach & Somatic Practitioner

Lindsay Leopold, PCC

Certified Professional Coach + Somatic Practitioner

I’ll enable you to think of your life as a creative act, awakening you to new possibilities and outcomes, even when faced with the same old pressures. Somatic coaching leverages neuroscience, action-oriented communication, and the body’s innate intelligence. The holistic methodology helps to diminish feelings of anxiety and stasis, while increasing satisfaction in relationships and at work . This is achieved by amplifying awareness, identifying habitual
tendencies, and understanding current modes of being which don’t always serve you. From there, we’ll craft fresh alternatives, and increase your capacity to truly embody this vision of your life.

I’m committed to inclusion and belonging, making you feel comfortable and safe throughout each step of the coaching process. I’ll respect who you are today, and will partner with you as you grow into the person you long to become.

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