Stacey Lisowski, IMC, SHRM-CP

Stacey Lisowski, IMC, SHRM-CP

Stacey Lisowski, IMC, SHRM-CP Executive and Leadership Coach

Stacey Lisowski, IMC, SHRM-CP
Executive and Leadership Coach


Executive Coaching
Leadership + Career Coaching
Life Coaching


San Francisco Office


  • Strategic Mindset + Problem Solving
  • Managing and Initiating Change
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Career Development and Transformation
  • Building and Leading Teams
  • Identifying Talent + Talent Management
  • Goal Setting, Achievement, Accountability
  • Setting Expectations
  • Managing Up
  • Connecting with Your Audience
  • Giving Feedback
  • Influencing Without Authority
  • Team Dynamics
  • Fostering Diversity
  • Driving Engagement
  • Burnout + Feeling Stuck
  • Identifying Personal Goals and Values
  • Life Transitions
  • Living with Purpose

Education + Training

  • BA Psychology, Ohio University
  • Integral Master Coach™ Certification, Integral Coaching Canada
  • Executive Certificate in Transformational Leadership, Georgetown University

Who I Work With

Individual contributors, new and emerging leaders, mid-to-senior level leaders, courageous individuals seeking to transform their careers and lives.

My Approach

As a coach who has spent time in corporate America, I recognize that there will always be a relationship between our professional and personal lives no matter how much we try to keep them separate! My approach is holistic so we can focus on all aspects of your life. Your professional goals and your personal goals might overlap and can be at odds with or at the expense of the other. Sometimes, the thing that might be holding you back or frustrating you in your career is an unseen habit that can also impact your personal life. My primary goal is to create a trusting space that facilitates ongoing vulnerability and growth so we can explore this together. My practice is one of transparency, authenticity, warmth and levity, and I am able to meet you in the intensity of the change you’re desiring and experiencing.


I have a background as a successful strategic and operational HR executive. My passion for human development, relationship building, and my experience shaping high-performance cultures in the midst of transformation, allows me to partner with individual contributors and leaders of all levels in a way that works in tandem with any on-the-job development you’re already doing. My mission is to equip both individuals and teams with the awareness, tools, and clarity they need to fully utilize the resources that are already available to them. We do this together by identifying and building key competencies that are vital to your evolution and your organization’s needs.

Why I love this work

I love being a coach! My sense of purpose is to help facilitate positive transformations for both individuals and organizations. Helping people access their full potential so they can support their own goals as well as others in doing the same is at the center of everything I do. I’ve always felt called to be of service to others, which led me to a career in Human Resources. After almost 20 years in increasingly successive roles, I found that I was deeply missing the one-on-one interactions with individuals and teams in my organization, in particular the developmental and coaching conversations. I ultimately decided to switch careers and the rest is history!

A bit more about mE

I deeply love connecting with nature whether I’m hiking, floating, cycling or strolling on a beach or in a park. Recently, my partner has been teaching me how to surf, so it’s been interesting working through my fears around failure in a new way as well as facing the unpredictable power of the ocean. It’s fun, exhilarating and a bit terrifying!

I’m a personal and professional development junkie which means I’m regularly enrolled in some course or another. Inevitably, I am stretched in new ways which allows me to see things differently. show up more authentically and be of better service to my clients. It’s also a wonderful way to build a community.

Books (with pages!) are another addiction. I’m into fiction, cookbooks, poetry, and personal and professional development.

What my Clients Say

“Stacey was warm and a very good listener, she gave me valuable input and suggestions regarding my concerns.”

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