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Hannah Price - Client Coordinator at Wellspace San Francisco

Hannah Price

Client Experience + Brand Manager

As Wellspace’s Client Experience + Brand Manager, I guide our clients in their search for the right therapist, coach, or nutritionist. I am fun-loving, non-judgemental, and compassionate and will provide you with the soft-hearted support you need as you embark on your wellness journey. Congrats on making the decision to enhance your wellbeing – I look forward to connecting with you soon!

I also offer one-on-one and group healing breathwork sessions, lead nutrition workshops, and coordinate our corporate and community partnerships. Coming from both nonprofit and corporate backgrounds, I understand the unique needs of each organization and will work with yours to create a uniquely special wellness offering tailored to the needs of your organization. I look forward to helping your company and employees reach their wellness goals!

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Lynsie Seely, PhDc, MFT at Wellspace San Francisco

Lynsie Seely, PhDc, MFT

Assistant Director | Psychotherapist | Supervisor

Clients who typically feel drawn to work with me are looking for a deeper connection to themselves and to step into greater healing from ailments such as trauma, feelings of low self worth, depression, anxiety, somatic complaints, and stuckness. I have a niche for working with people who identify as highly sensitive and may feel easily overwhelmed by their emotions or being in particular situations, as well as adults who grew up with emotionally immature parents. Young adults who are feeling lost and unsure about their life path, those who are coming across challenges in relationships, and people who are wanting to deepen their spirituality also feel called to work with me.

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Jess Davis, AMFT at Wellspace San Francisco

Jess Davis


I work with individuals and couples that feel ready to examine their inner world and outer relationships, perhaps feeling stuck in anxiety, depression, analysis paralysis, addiction, and hopelessness. Clients who wish to explore issues around stress, overwhelm, relationships, identity, sexuality, spirituality, and trauma often resonate with my style of psychotherapy. I utilize creativity to break through personal blocks, so clients that are willing to show up for themselves find me right beside them in the work.

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