Berry Superfood Protein Smoothie

Berry Superfood Protein Smoothie

By Kristy Crandell Friday, February 17th, 2019

This superfood smoothie has the benefits of  spirulina, which alkalines the body, helps the body detox from heavy metals, and protects from radiation poisoning.  It also lowers cholesterol, fights diabetes, and boosts energy levels. The bone broth protein powder in this smoothie also provides key nutrients essential for joint health, gut health, skin health, and brain health!

Berry Superfood Protein Smoothie:

2 cups of chopped organic kale (stems removed)

¼ of a cucumber

½  avocado

2 cups of organic frozen mixed berries

1 – 2 cups of filtered water

3 dates

1 large scoop of bone broth protein powder

1 tsp of pure organic spirulina powder

Blend it up and enjoy!

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