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Emily Mitnick, ACC

Life, Career + Leadership Coach

As a feelings-oriented type A, I’m a bit of a unicorn, and for most of my life, I was unsure how to reconcile these seemingly opposing parts of myself. As a result, I showed up in various life sectors – particularly in the professional sphere – as a fraction of myself, which left me stuck in a cycle of burnout and consistently unfulfilled. Through a deeply transformative journey of self-discovery catalyzed by the practice and study of yoga and further propelled by the support of therapists, coaches, friends and family, I unearthed my core values, learned to listen to (and trust!) my inner intelligence, and stepped into my power, which meant showing up unapologetically whole – “contradictions,” dark haunted forests, and all.

This grand adventure, along with the sustained personal and professional fulfillment I have experienced, inspired me to pursue the path of a leadership coach. In this role, I have the honor of walking alongside individuals as a partner in creative and values-based exploration and change, helping them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

style + philosophy

While coaching is often viewed as future-focused, I hold the following philosophy as sacred: to move forward, we must first move through. It is in this work of being with ourselves in the present that we cultivate a greater understanding of and relationship with our inner intelligence, which is what guides us to sustainable success, whether in our career, personal life, etc.

I take an integrated and tailored approach to coaching in order to bring light to your entire experience of self: body, mind and spirit. As such, I welcome all of you into the space, and in addition to verbal dialogue, offer the opportunity for you to engage in breathing, mindfulness and somatic exercises to better understand the language of your body and uncover the truths that live within physical manifestations.

Furthermore, we bring all of ourselves wherever we go; we can’t simply turn parts of ourselves on or off. What presents as a seemingly straightforward career challenge may turn out to be a stickier adaptive challenge that shows up elsewhere in life. In light of this, I focus on coaching you, the person, rather than the challenge itself. That way, when you encounter another challenge down the road, you’ll have the tools to address it from a place of self-knowledge and authenticity.

career coaching

I work primarily with entrepreneurs and early-career individuals in transitional moments, and I’m particularly passionate about working with women around recognizing, embracing, and embodying their truth in the workplace and beyond.

Whether you are seeking to address a straightforward, short-term technical career challenge and desire wholehearted support around organization, planning, execution and accountability, or want to delve into a long-term adaptive challenge (one that requires significant learning and change), we’ll work together to create a coaching option that supports your needs.

a few fun facts…

In addition to being a coach, I’m an entrepreneur and hail from the design universe, where I previously employed my love for design thinking, systems thinking and colorful post-it note brainstorms as a strategist at a global design giant, an urban planner at a large university and a brand experience consultant for startups.

When I’m not working, you might find me practicing, teaching or talking about yoga, exploring in nature, curating mindful community gatherings, playing the guitar or harmonium and singing along, and/or making friends at a coffee shop (decaf, please).

certifications + education

• Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – International Coach Federation
• Certified Leadership Coach for Organizational Performance – Philosophy IB at American University
• RYT-200 – Flow Yoga Center
• University of Pennsylvania, MCP
• Northwestern University, BA cum laude

client love

“I truly see Emily as a lifelong collaborator. She took the time to understand my professional and personal goals in order to help me work through my next career move. By artfully blending a holistic mind, body and soul approach to professional coaching, she helped me articulate my passions and understand how those passions might align with my career goals. I highly recommend any person or organization to bring her into your process; the outcome was so valuable!”

“Working with Emily was a great experience. She guided me in developing practical solutions for everything from increasing productivity to practicing acceptance in my daily life and work. Through my work with Emily, I gained more insight as to the type of leader I want to be, and have a clearer understanding of my strengths and weaknesses as it relates to leadership. I am excited to use the skills I learned to engage and inspire others in a more profound way.”

“Emily’s bright energy, fresh perspective, and probing questions helped our firm ‘dig deep’ in our strategic visioning process. Emily’s design background really helped us to set the right questions, and her patient facilitation helped steer us to uncover the answers. Above all else, Emily brought a grounded and positive energy to our organization at a crucial time. Thank you, Emily.”

“My experience working with Emily was great, and she helped me to start KHC on a very solid foundation for initial and long-term success. In addition to providing me with a number of things I had not previously considered, Emily helped me to unpack so many thoughts from my brain, and to organize them in a way that added significant value. I am most appreciative for her ability to adapt her initial ideas on how to approach the different topics we explored to produce a result that is richer and more meaningful to me than it would have been otherwise. In some respects, I look at the past few months working with Emily as a voyage of discovery, and like most explorers I am as appreciative of the journey as I am about the final destination.”

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