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Jessica Thomas

Leadership Coach

Hi, I’m Jess, and my intention is to help you develop the qualities that already lie within you to allow you to be a stronger leader. Becoming a leader is all about cultivating a self, and an environment which invites people in, and inspires people to follow you. The heart of leadership is emotional intelligence – empathy, connection, navigating conflict, and somatic presence.

style + philosophy

I have an authentic and playful approach with my clients. Every leadership journey looks different – I like to gather everything I can about you to find the root of how to help you integrate into being a better person overall. You have strengths that have allowed you to come as far as you have. There will also be habits, ways of being, and ways you live in the world that can be shifted to allow you to be more awake.

We work on conflicts, practices, and situations that are alive in your field currently so you can have the tools to better steer your day-to-day interactions. Leadership coaching is just like practicing a new craft or sport – it takes repetition, and in the moment replays. The Enneagram allows us to understand our motivations, triggers, and leadership style. It also gives us insight on the people we work, and interact with, so I also teach you how to work and communicate better through understanding the perspective of others. This helps tremendously with navigating conflict, and difficult conversations.


I have worked with physician leaders in academic medical center departments, researchers in epidemiology; software architects in healthcare data companies; and directors of leadership development, operations, and marketing in high tech companies. I have conducted in-depth 360 Feedback surveys for top executives and leaders in medicine, high tech, construction, and aerospace. I have taught the Enneagram to all clients – from Boston, to California.

professional affiliations

  • Certified Integral Coach from New Ventures West
  • BS in Psychology & Health Education from CSU, Chico

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