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May Bartlett, CPCC

Life + Relationship Coach

I’m a dreamer and I’ll try almost anything at least once. This combination has led me down many unique paths. I’ve experienced the film world, the environmentalism world, the philosophical world, you name it. All of which has led me to the juiciest, most exciting world of them all. The human world. I became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach because I believe that most of us aren’t living at our full potential and I want to provide people with the right tools and guidance to reach that potential.

Style + Philosophy

I coach using a peer-to-peer model that empowers you to take your wellbeing into your own hands. My philosophy is that you are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, meaning that you contain all of the answers within you. The problem is that these answers are often buried deep because it’s too easy to become misguided by negative societal and internal pressures. My job as a coach is to help you re-align with your core values and learn how to navigate life’s challenges from a place of authenticity and self-confidence.

My style as a coach is organic and tailored to you as an individual. I will help you connect with your core through somatic exercises, guided visualization, perspective work, and mindfulness practices. I will support you as you become aware of your current beliefs and consciously choose who you want to be in the world. I will help you quiet your inner critics and show you what happens when you allow your inner mentor to step into the driver’s seat. As a result, you will be able to start making decisions and taking actions that align with your values. Whether you feel stuck in your career, have a dream you can’t seem to make a reality, or feel dissatisfied even though you seem to “have it all,” I will partner with you on your future success.

Couples Coaching

Everything mentioned above holds true in my work with couples, however the work is tailored specifically to you and your partner. Couples coaching is a process of taking your relationship from good to great by consciously designing your relationship with your partner. You work together to understand each other’s values and expectations. You build a strong foundation of effective communication, grow the ability to meet each other’s needs, and become aware of what you bring to the relationship. Through coaching, you maximize your strengths as a couple and learn tools to strengthen your problem areas. We all have blind spots as individuals and in our relationships, and therefore every relationship requires work. Coaching allows you to gain a 360 view of your relationship and see which areas need work and which areas you can celebrate.


In addition to my certification as a professional co-active coach, I was the valedictorian at the University of Utah where I earned a B.A. in Philosophy. I am currently earning a master’s degree in East West Psychology at The California Institute of Integral Studies to expand my range as a coach. This training equips me with tools to help you connect with the wisdom of your subconscious. To round things out I am a yoga instructor, which has taught me the importance of using our body as a source of knowledge in determining our path. The breadth of my experience has allowed me to cultivate a holistic approach to my work as a coach, allowing our work to integrate your mind, body, and soul in whatever path you pursue.

 Client Love

“I’m a 65-year-old entrepreneur. I founded and was CEO of a home medical device company, which I sold four years ago and retired. I was unsure about taking a whole new direction, a radical departure from what I had done before. As my coach, May helped me get clear about what I want to do and also helped me identify and work with what was blocking me and holding me back from jumping into a whole new pool. May has a grounded aware presence that created an open and inviting space for me to explore. Her questions were powerfully provocative and her requests for action very helpful. I highly recommend May as a coach, she’ll help you get to where you want to go.” – Michael Speraw

“May Bartlett is the shining light of life. Through my sessions with her I was able to recognize, accept and heal wounds and habits that have been with me since ever I can remember. May guided me through exercises to accept these parts of my being as loveable. She helped me to imagine, and as a result, become my best self. I was able to work past chronic shame and severe anxiety that I had believed strongly would never be healed. I genuinely thought these burdens would be mine to bear for the rest of my life. I am very happy to say that within a short time, she proved me wrong. I would not be able to adequately express the gratitude I have for the work May and I did together. It changed me, it changed my outlook, it changed my life. May is a blessing. I would wholeheartedly and with no hesitation recommend her life coaching services. She is the definition of miracle worker!” – Rehan Ansari

“My life is forever changed from my coach, May. She has helped me get unstuck in my professional life and has challenged me to take on new adventures and balance in my personal life.  Her gift at leading me on the journey of self-discovery was a pivotal point in my advancing my career, rekindling my marriage and restoring relationships with my children.  Her strong intuition and thought-provoking questions have helped me discover a more fulfilled life.” – Kimberly Baker

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