Meet our New Therapist: Veronica Encinas

Meet our New Therapist: Veronica Encinas


    “In the world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself”     

Frantz Fanon


We are excited to announce that Veronica Encinas recently joined the Wellspace Therapist team.  We couldn’t be happier to see our amazing group of ladies grow! Read on to learn more about her 🙂


Can you tell us a little about what inspired you to become a therapist and your style of therapy?

My passion and dedication to this work lies in the idea that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Everyone will experience some frictions or challenges at some point in their life and need support to get through those times. I feel called to be an empathic guide to people during such times. Additionally, I am a passionate advocate for social justice and equality for all, which also informs my work and the ways in which I am called to support people.

As for my style, I work somatically and relationally, meaning I hold that the mind and body are intrinsically connected. I welcome clients to tell their stories, histories, and important aspects of their life. Additionally, I invite them to become aware of how they feel as they are sharing with me by tuning into their bodies. I welcome them to become more conscious of their five senses–to tune into their body sensations–gestures, breath, emotions, etc. Together, overtime, we discover significant and often transformative information about core patterns, beliefs, and ways the client relates to themselves, others, and the world.


Can you share about your therapeutic approach and training, as well as any other ways you develop your professional work?

I received my masters in somatic psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. I am further trained in DBT, mindful practices, experiential, and formative psychology. These trainings have given me a deep well of mindfulness tools, practices, and resources that I offer to clients to help with slowing down and living with greater presence and intention. My background in somatic psychology, experiential, and formative psychology has enriched my knowledge of how to bring the body and one’s physical experience into the process of therapy. This way of working can be a powerful agent in creating lasting change.

My professional life is additionally informed by Meditation, Yoga, and Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy.


Who do you work with? What do you specialize in?

I work with individuals of all ages, couples, and families, and specialize in working with people of color (biracial and multiracial) and people in the LGBTQ community.

General areas of focus include anxiety, depression, life transitions, substance abuse, and trauma. In particular, I have a lot of experience supporting people with trauma related to childhood sexual abuse.


Can you name any experiences you’ve had that proved formative in your personal/professional development?

I studied in Singapore for a short time at Singapore American College. I traveled throughout Southeast Asia while in school in Singapore. This experience sparked the beginning of my journey into the healing arts. Also, I have found that my experience attending an international school allowed me to become more culturally aware and sensitive to others’ experiences, cultural rituals, and ways of being. 

I am a committed learner, always looking for opportunities to grow my experiences and practice.


What do you do for fun? What brings you joy?

My most coveted day is spent with my dearest friends enjoying a homemade meal and basking in the sun near a large body of water. This last summer I spent two weeks in Greece with an amazing group of people for a friends’ wedding. It became clear that my most joyous experiences often–if not always–consist of sunshine, healthy food grown from the ecology of the land, music, and the company of loved ones. All intermixed with a quietude that would make the forest jealous 🙂



*If you’d like to have a free consultation with Veronica Encinas, you can book here


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