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Breathwork is a powerful healing modality reaching back to ancient times as a means of healing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. With intention and guided practice, breathwork can provide a transformative experience giving way to an awakening of your inner beauty and truth. During a one-on-one Healing Breathwork session with Breathwork Facilitator Hannah Price, you’ll be guided through a deep rhythmic breathing technique accompanied by the healing benefits of music, intention, and affirmation culminating in the release of suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs, and any conscious or subconscious thought patterns that no longer serve you. Some breathwork sessions can feel heavy as you process traumatic events or deep emotional wounds, however most clients leave with newfound clarity feeling lighter, blissful, and more connected to your inner state of wholeness.

If you’d like to experience the sacred power of the breath, register for a 60-minute one-on-one virtual Healing Breathwork session with Hannah here or keep an eye out for our virtual group breathwork sessions on our Workshops + Events page.

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Reiki - Wellspace


Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a system of energy healing that promotes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ can be translated as universal life energy. Wellspace therapist and Reiki Practitioner, Lynsie Seely, likes to think of Reiki as pure love in energy form that is always in service of your Highest Good. Reiki has its own intelligence and works to promote the healing that is needed at the time. Reiki is gentle, calm, and nurturing; it promotes stress-reduction, a calm mind, physical health (i.e. insomnia, headaches, pain fatigue, etc), and overall well-being.

During shelter-in-place, Lynsie is offering 45-minute Distance Reiki sessions. Distance reiki is just as effective and powerful as in-person sessions, as energy is not bound to linear time and space. This is a beautiful healing practice that can be done in the comfort of your own home and is wonderful as a stand alone session or as a complement to other healing modalities.

Receive the loving life-force energy of Reiki and register for a 45-minute Distance Reiki session with Lynsie today.

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An aura is an energy field around your body that carries your individualized vibration and corresponds to your different chakras. Think of the times you felt someone’s warmth or “good vibes” or the converse of that, someone’s negative energy. This is often a reflection of how a person’s aura is functioning. Everyone has an aura and we can pick up other people’s energy which can cause emotional disturbances, stress and anxiety, physical ailments, pain, confusion, or feeling stuck or heavy. During a 20-minute virtual Chakra and Aura Healing session, practitioner Jess Davis offers a safe and comfortable space for you to ground your body and release any foreign energy from your space that is preventing you from optimal functioning. Jess believes that we are all capable of embodied living and owning our true spiritual essence. Energy healing is transformational, giving you the space to grow and experience more of who you truly are. The healing includes: 

  • Your own personal request for an issue you would like to be worked on
  • Tuning, alignment and balancing of the chakras
  • Clearing out blocks in energy channels and cleansing the aura
  • Releasing energy cords that limit your growth, freedom, and your ability to consciously manifest your goals
  • Removing “energy whacks” that cause judgment, competition, and invalidation
  • Communication about what you released, and a next step to continue your self-healing after the session.

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