Veronica Encinas, AMFT

Veronica Encinas, AMFT


Veronica Encinas Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at Wellspace sf

Veronica Encinas
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #78319
Supervised by Lynsie Seely, MFT


Individual Therapy
Bilingual Therapy (English + Spanish)


San Francisco Office
Suites 345 + 338


  • Trauma
  • Complex Trauma, PTSD
  • Childhood Trauma + Sexual Abuse
  • Substance Abuse
  • Transgenerational Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Self-Empowerment
  • HSP- Highly Sensitive People
  • Depression
  • First Generation American/Immigrants
  • Life Transitions 20- 40’s
  • Women of Color
  • Poly and Open Relationships


  • Masters in Somatic Psychology, The California Institute of Integral Studies
  • BS in Public Health, Minor in Community Organizing and Holistic Health
  • Cultural Studies Degree, Singapore American Collage

Additional Training

  • Formative Psychology
  • Biodynamic CranialSacral Therapy
  • Generative Somatics – Somatics and Trauma
  • Sand Tray Therapy

My Approach

My work is informed by the practice of mindfulness and relational therapy. Being somatically trained, my approach is interactive and directive. Mindful therapy is an evidence-based form of therapy that has been proven to be highly effective in treating issues of anxiety, depression, and addiction. Together, we design a treatment plan that builds on the science of what works, and tailor individual treatment goals specifically aimed to address your unique needs.

I welcome clients to tell their stories, histories, and important aspects of their life. I also invite them to become aware of how they feel as they are sharing with me by tuning into their bodies. I welcome them to become more conscious of their five senses–to tune into their body sensations, gestures, breath, and emotions. Together, overtime, we discover significant and often transformative information about core patterns, beliefs, and ways of relating to themselves, others, and the world.

Additionally, I am a passionate advocate for social justice and equality for all, which also informs my work and the ways in which I am called to support people.

MY Background

My journey into the body began over 20 years ago, while studying in Singapore in 2000. My time in Asia had a tremendous impact on my exploration of the healing arts and working with the human condition through physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Returning to the United States, I began studying Yoga and becoming a certified yoga teacher at the Nosara Yoga Institute in 2007. My professional life is further informed by meditation, indigenous healing and family constellations.

I hold a Masters in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Working previously as a somatic counselor at the Lomi Clinic and Center for Somatic Psychotherapy- both body-oriented psychotherapy clinics, I specialize in trauma recovery, anxiety, and self-empowerment.

I am further trained in Formative and Generative Psychology – these practices have given me a deep well of mindfulness tools, practices, and resources that I offer to clients to help with slowing down and living with greater presence and intention.

My style is both gentle and intuitive, and I enjoy working with those who are looking for more than the traditional counseling experience.

Why I love this work

I hold true that we all have an innate well of wisdom within each of us, and thus the potential for healing is inherent within us all. Holding space and supporting individual’s vulnerabilities and transformations is a tremendous honor.

What my Clients Say

“Veronica is incredibly kind. She allows a generous feeling of space & time to feel my emotions and unpack my experiences while remaining grounded & extremely safe. She also conveys an appreciated sense of commitment by scheduling in advance. I am amazed I’ve found these lovely offices, been so welcomed and guided in, and to have landed a spot face-to-face with Veronica’s empathic & well-versed valuable experience.”

“Veronica has helped me so much through a very difficult time. I really appreciate all that she has done.”

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