“What Role Were You Born To Play?” Asks Life Coach, May Bartlett

“What Role Were You Born To Play?” Asks Life Coach, May Bartlett

Have you ever heard the phrase, “that’s just the way things are?” It’s usually what someone says when they’re shutting down a new idea or explaining away a flaw in the system. Whenever I hear that phrase, it’s a clue that someone is trapped in an expired mindset. It’s easy to get stuck in the belief that things have to continue to be the same as they have in the past. When in fact, the opposite is true. Nothing stays the same. Everything is constantly changing, whether it’s happening fast enough for us to see or not. This stuck mindset is one of the major contributing factors to the global problems we face. 

In order to remedy our planet from its current ailments, it’s going to take a willingness to think outside the box. As Einstein so beautifully said, “a problem can’t be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.” Meaning, if we want to solve the global problems we face, we must first elevate our consciousness to think differently from the thought patterns that created the problems in the first place. 

If you feel discouraged by the current state of our world, then I’m afraid to tell you, you’re human. You are not alone in your feelings of despair as we watch people become more polarized and we watch our planet deteriorate before our eyes. It can be tempting to believe the people who say, “that’s just the way things are,” but let me remind you – No matter what, our planet and everything living in it is going to be drastically different 100 years from now whether we do something or not. If we don’t do something, the outcome is easier to predict. Species continue to go extinct, resources run out, war remains the standard peace-making strategy, etc. On the other hand, if we do something, there’s room for the unknown. 

If we put our heads together and work towards a better future, it might just happen. Or better yet, something beyond our wildest dreams might be waiting on the other side. We forget the possibility the universe holds. Over the course of billions of years our universe has been transforming from one form to the next in unfathomable ways. It has gone from hydrogen molecules, to stars, to planets, to life, to us, and everything in between. At every stage along the way the next step seemed impossible, and yet it happened. 

The major difference between the transformation we face today and other transformative moments during our long history, is that we have the ability to consciously participate in the course of evolution. For the first time that we know of, a species’ actions (us) are big enough to impact the entire course of evolution. So far, this impact has mostly been a mindless result of our desire to survive. We can see now that our actions have unimaginable global consequences and we find ourselves at a turning point. We can keep behaving as usual and try to ignore the power we have. Or we can be intentional with that power and use it to be a positive evolutionary force on the future of our planet. 

In order to harness our creative power, we need to suspend our belief about what’s possible for the future of our planet. We need to dream big and not let the critics of the world convince us it’s impossible. Instead, we need to envision a better future and each play our part in taking us there. We all have a unique contribution to make and, whether big or small, all contributions are important. A brain without the rest of the body is useless, as is a hand without fingers. A transformation this big requires all of us. So, this is where I ask you, what role were you born to play?

May Bartlett is a Life Coach and Envisionist who helps Wellspace clients tap into their deepest source of wisdom to create a future aligned with their truest selves. If you’re interested in working with May, contact us at hello@wellspacesf.com or 415-632-1010. 

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